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Museum of the Rockies

Come enjoy one of the nations best and popular museums, the Museum of the Rockies. The museum is dedicated to helping create a world where all are inspired to engage in life-long learning and the process of discovery. They encourage their visitors to engage, inspire and discover. They do so while learning about science, history, cultures, and art all in the museum. Now lets get onto all the cool and exciting exhibits they have. 

The museum is home to the Siebel dinosaur exhibit, which is one of the largest and expensive collections of dinosaur fossils in the world. It has some of the best kept Tyrannosaurus-Rexs and Triceratops exhibits. They have multiple skulls aligned to show how the dinosaurs changed and even aged. 

Part of the museum includes the Taylor Planetarium. Projected on the forty foot dome experience our universe and our world in vivid colors, dramatic motion, and brilliant displays of light. Watch and learn about the cosmos, constellations, and more at the Taylor Planetarium. Shows are about thirty minuets long and run every couple of hours.

The museum includes a live reptile exhibit. Get up close and learn all about the tons of reptiles. They have live alligator snapping turtles, Florida soft shelled turtles, star tortoises, American alligators and Gila-monsters. They also have live frilled leaf-tailed geckos, rhinoceros iguanas, green tree pythons, diamondback rattle snacks and more. 

They also have a Yellowstone exhibit. With stuffed bison and Native American artifacts from clothing and headdresses to dolls. Come learn about the world famous Yellowstone, how the park and its animals have changed throughout the years. 

Come visit Montana's Museum of the Rockies. Come be learn something new, engage, be inspired and discover all at the museum.