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Neptune's Brewery
"drink like a god"  

Neptune's Brewery is named after the Roman god of the sea. The name Neptune is a combination of several words, to create notation of the marriage or bonding of heaven and earth. Bringing you the best of both worlds, for a little bit of heaven on earth. The motto is "drink like a god"; the Roman gods were known for their parties on Mount Olympus. So the gods would only drink the best of beers and brews and that leads us to Neptune's Brewery. The brewery is committed to helping improve the city, the families and their employees. 

At Neptunes Brewery they serve tons of craft beers. Some of the most popular are; The Siren Song Honey Rye, a gluten reduced beer is a winner among all beer drinkers. Made with Park County Honey, this beer has a sweet flow over the palate. The River Nymph Golden Ale, a light golden ale with a touch of hops makes this Nymph a keeper. The perfect refreshment for the river! The Knotty Lotty Latte Stout, roasted barley and a cold brew coffee from Yellowstone Coffee Roasters gives this beer a delectable aroma. Add a milky stout to give it a nice, smooth, creamy sweetness without that tangy. 

They also have the 
Wee Heavy Scottish Ale, smooth and sweet, yet bold and strong. The Scottish beverage is just the kick in the kilt you deserve. The Pine Creek Pale Ale, a complex blend of hops, this pale ale has notes of citrus and pine with a nice malty body. It will be your gateway drug into the world of hops. The Dirty Bird American Pale Ale is smooth with the perfect kick. Finishing with smile hops, you'll experience a nice bitterness with a citrus finish that glides over the palate. Everything you'd expect in a quality pale ale.

Their seasonal drinks include; The 
Chocolate Cream Porter, it's good as it sounds! Smooth and dark with chocolate and a touch of hops, have one for dessert. Winterfest Ale, a classic nut brown ale combined with cinnamon, nutmeg, and there own willies bighorn bourbon vanilla extract create a full bodied beer with a smooth, creamy finish. All perfect for those cold winter evenings.Tempest Belgian Quadruple Ale, this Trappist style Ale with Belgian flavors, aged for 3 months, makes an outstanding, naturally conditioned beer. They call it Tempest because it the power of this beer really sneaks up on you! Because it's so potent this one comes in a 12oz glass.

Come have kick back and get ready for a great time at Neptune's Brewery and enjoy craft brews like a god.